Funniest Tweets About How Annoying Airport Security is for No Reason

Funniest Tweets About How Annoying Airport Security is for No Reason

The joys of TSA
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TSA forces traveller to open vacuum sealed bags

Clever Traveler Attempts to Save Space By Vacuum Sealing Clothing, Forgets About the TSA, Commenters Pull Through With Pro Travel Tips

We could start a 'volume' of travelling tips after this.
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videographer told by TSA one electronic per tray and he has a lot of electronics

TSA Orders Videographer To Screen Electronics Individually, He Has Dozens

It was a long day at the airport.
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FAIL airport cringe crime TSA ridiculous Video stupid - 100920065

TSA Agent Caught Stealing iPad, Repeatedly Denies It

The audacity is mind blowing.
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security child bag toddler airport amazing TSA airplane - 98608129

Toddler Achieves Our Childhood Dream of Riding Airport Bag Conveyer

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twitter tony hawk clueless TSA ridiculous funny - 6884869

Tony Hawk Shares Hilarious Exchange With Absolutely Clueless TSA Agent

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people who believe the onion news

15 Outraged Chumps Who Thought the Onion Was Real

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TSA Twitter account shares pictures and stories of some of their craziest discoveries.

26 Crazy Things That Have Been Confiscated By the TSA

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Video of TSA agent making a hilarious cringe-packed discovery while checking person's baggage.

TSA Agent Makes Hilarious NSFW Discovery While Checking Bags

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security DC TSA superheroes batman fans funny flying - 880645

The TSA Is Fed up with Telling Batman Fans They Can't Bring Dark Knight Weapons on Their Flights

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Not Wrong

twitter TSA airplane - 8803688960
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TSA Can Smirn-Off Until She's Done!

drunk airport failbook facebook Party TSA - 8801500928
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airport chicago TSA Video - 80060161

Ever Wondered Why People Get to the Airport Hours Early? This Insanely Long TSA Checkpoint Line is Why

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Reddit User Charged a 9/11 Fee By TSA

TSA, charge, 9/11, plane ticket
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Just How Ridiculous Are Things Going to Get?

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Just What You Want to See While Waiting at the Airport

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