Twitter discussed Swedish people not feeding guests

The Internet Found Out Some Swedish People Don't Feed Guests and Twitter Had A Day About It

Really puts the Swedish Chef into perspective.
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trolling technology Sweden cars Video - 85898753

Swedish Ad Perfectly Trolls the Multi-Faceted Perks of the Self-Driving Car

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sports jump rope Sweden girls Video win - 82828289

Watch These Swedish Girls Make You Feel Like a Chump the Next Time You Decide to Jump Rope

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bicycle hotel Sweden innovation Video win - 82280449

You'll Soon Be Able to Reside in a Building Catering to Living Car-Free, in Sweden of Course

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ice rescue pig Sweden Music Video - 78001921

Helpful Swedes Show Us That Rescuing a Wild Boar is Easy, Just Pretend You're Curling!

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It Wouldn't Be Surprising if the Average Age of This Town in Sweden is 13

funny fail image sweden has a snow penis problem
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survival Sweden bear Video animals - 77071873

Scaring a Bear Away is As Easy As This Swedish Man Shows It to Be

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Swedish Man Sets Ablaze Giant Straw Goat In Honor of Christmas Tradition

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explosion Sweden Video microwave - 72625665

2 Swedish Guys Obliterate a Microwave Using Only a Bottle of Water

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An Inventive Bank Robbery in Sweden

Via Liveleak

It's Almost Like They're a Part of a Giant Retail Chain...

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On-Air Blooper whoops Sweden Video - 71653889

This Swedish Anchor Has No Idea He's on the Air for Three Whole Minutes

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Music Sweden marching band band g rated win - 70769921

The Swedish King Gets Some Swedish House Mafia for His 70th

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random act of kindness Sweden Video police g rated win - 70542337

Swedish Cops on Vacation in New York Handle a Subway Fight With Class

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Sweden language nifty Video - 67994881

A Bizarre Sound You'll Only Hear in the Swedish Language

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Sweden Travel Video magic g rated win - 59917057

The Magic of Stockholm

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