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Outlandish Things People Swear They Saw But Have Zero Proof

It's happened to everyone. You saw something. An event that you couldn't explain . You can't tell anyone because it's just too out there. But you swear it happened. You saw it with your own eyes. Could it be that people are highly suggestable, get their eyes tricked, and often misremember dreams as memories? That's true. And also I saw a goblin. A real life goblin. It started right back at me with its beady little eyes and not a soul believes me. And it was ANGRY.
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Sailors describe the craziest supernatural experiences that they've had.

AskReddit Thread: Sailors' Craziest Supernatural Stories

The oceans are brimming with mystery.
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Woman claims that she was attacked by dark energy at the gym, and Twitter reacts.

Woman Says She Was Attacked By Dark Energy At Gym, Twitter Reacts

Alright Monica.
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Freaky Events People Experienced That They Can't Explain

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tumblr thread on competitive werewolf neighbors | Are trying tell most hardcore ride-or-die PTA mothers are probably actually werewolves? therobotmonster settling this through old ways, Helen Spiked silver chains on night blood moon spring bake sale, Helen. Turn down notch Fine. But they taste my lemon squares going wish gone with silver chains, Jessi Meanwhile, across room.

Tumblr Thread: Werewolves Would Be Ultra-Competitive Neighbors

Take that, "The Joneses."
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People describe some of the most supernatural experiences that they'e ever had | VerityPushpram 12d January 1 2003 stretch road between 2 coastal towns Australia dark and stormy, reall Driving along with my partner noticed car coming up behind us, travelling fast single lane road so couldn't move over said my partner "This guy is hurry, let him overtake My partner agreed and he moved left as soon as there an overtaking lane car pulled up beside us and then disappeared. There nowhere

Most Supernatural Experiences People Had

Maybe aliens are gonna say hey soon.
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A collection of Twitter users share their favorite unknown conspiracy theories.

Twitter Users Share Their Best Unknown Conspiracy Theories

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A tumblr list guide if all the supernaturally creepy things in a haunted abandoned church.

A Handy Supernatural Guide to Exploring Abandoned Churches

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US Navy Confirms UFO Footage Filmed By F18's Tracking Camera Is Real

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16 Subtitle Fails That Are Amazingly Off The Mark

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Mysterious Apparition Caught On Video

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'Tis the Season for Food Abominations

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Always Be Ready for a Beer

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An Easy Way to Get Your Girlfriend to Hate You on Facebook

sexy times Supernatural Overshare failbook - 8342828032
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The Side-Effects of Netflix Binge Watching

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There's Fanfic of That

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