'The theater exploded with laughter': 30+ Moviegoers who couldn't resist shouting at the screen

'The theater exploded with laughter': 30+ Moviegoers who couldn't resist shouting at the screen

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that the crowd starts heckling the film ? It's rare, but it happens. Depending on the theater you go to and the time you attend, you might find yourself laughing along to the audience's own version of Riff Trax instead of the actual movie. There's a sweet spot for hecklers. The movie has to be so bad that most people aren't enjoying it; a few people have even walked out while shaking their heads and talking about getting refunded. (If someone starts yelling at…
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'Your 4 year old can't play on your iPad during the movie': 20+ Moviegoers who were driving the theater employees crazy

Some people do not know how to behave in a movie theater . It seems to be an ongoing problem that's gotten worse post-2020. It's like people were alone for so long during that period that they forgot how to act once they started doing activities outside the house again. Theater patrons have never been perfect. But these days, you can expect to see a half dozen bright cell phone screens in the crowd. It's so strange that people will pay money just to go sit in a theater and stare at their phones…
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Woman's Life Hack For Buttering Popcorn Blows Up

Just bring plenty of napkins.
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The Fastest Camera in the East

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Good Thing I Always Keep Popcorn Near By

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The Delicious Smell of an Office Fire

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Popcorn Anarchy FAIL

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Hope You Brought Enough to Share

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We've All Been in This Popcorn Situation

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This Man is Our New National Treasure, and Our Greatest Mentor

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Every Hoodie is a Feed Bag if You Know What You're Doing

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That's Still Gonna Be $15.00 for Your Popcorn

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There Are Popcorn Lovers, Then There's This

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Sex... Oh Yeah, And the City Too

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Get Your Mind in the Gutter!

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