cake generic birthday Balloons wife literal husband Party dumb funny jokes - 6915589

Guy's Wife Asks For "Generic Birthday" and He Over-Delivers

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insane things witnessed at parties

24 People Share the Craziest Thing They've Seen at a Party

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roof FAIL birthday lazy Party Spider-Man funny avengers fall - 397574

Painfully Unathletic Spider-Man Crashes Kid's Birthday

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Mike Pence announces that he'll be throwing a 'Cinco De Mayo' party and people are reacting hilariously on Twitter.

Mike Pence Is Throwing a 'Cinco De Mayo' Party and People Are Losing Their Minds

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tweets about dogs on a roof

Mom Live-Tweeting About Dogs Throwing Crazy Rager On a Roof Just Won 2017

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crazy drunk Party stories - 1775621

17 People Share the Most Insane Things They've Witnessed at a Party

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I'm Intoxicated With the Genius of This Guy's Solution to a "No Cups Party"

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Bumping Party, Eh?

forever alone makeout Party funny - 7510738432
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geek Harry Potter birthday Party DIY win - 1070597

If You Ever Wanted Inspiration to Throw a Magical Surprise Party, This Hogwarts Birthday Bash Has it All

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usain bolt girlfriends

A Picture of Usain Bolt Making Out With a Random in Rio Has Terrified the Internet

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kitten beach Party Cats Video - 258055

It's a Real Kitten Beach Party for #WhiskerWednesday!

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twitter parenting Party family sister bullying - 847621

12-Year-Old Sends Bullies an Invitation to Stop Picking On Her Little Sister

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Who Wouldn't Want to Party With Arty?

facebook Party - 8803340032
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TSA Can Smirn-Off Until She's Done!

drunk airport failbook facebook Party TSA - 8801500928
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Ain't No Party Like a Tea Party!

murica Party america - 8795068928
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Do You Even Party?

failbook facebook Party - 8801806336
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