30+ Maps that will get you so lost you'll have to use the stars to navigate

30+ Maps that will get you so lost you'll have to use the stars to navigate

If you're older than a certain generation, you might have never really used a physical map. Maybe you remember them , but have you ever had to fold a physical map? These days, phone maps do basically everything, giving us step by step directions to get to any given destination. But the craft of map making is not dead. These creatives online created a handful of maps that are not only so silly, stupid, or useless, but half of them aren't even accurate either. Highlighted on the subreddit r/terriā€¦
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twitter thread on how New Orleans looks like a bad fantasy map

RPG Creator Points Out The Geographical Absurdity of New Orleans

It's improbable, bordering on unbelievable.
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google maps game Geoguessr

Man's Google Maps Guessing Skills Are Insane

This was way too much fun.
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Guy on Twitter critiques the ridiculous New Orleans map | James L. Sutter @jameslsutter Holy cow-if like fantasy maps, spend some time looking at New Orleans IS EVEN GOING ON WITH THIS CITY If this came freelancer, there are half dozen things would raise my eyebrows. National Wildlife Ponchatoula 22) 607 Kiln Diamond 603 Madisonville Joyce Wildlife Management Area John C. Stennis Space Center Pearl River Mandeville Lacombe 190 12 Bay 607 90 Akers Wavelan Slidell 604 190 Pearlington Lakeshore

Twitter Thread: Guy Calls Out New Orleans Map

Yay, maps.
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A collection of funny maps that are absolutely terrible | Bosnians wanna swim Croatia: No AUSTRIA HUNGARY ITALY SLOVENIA LJUBLJANA ZAGREB CROATIA SERBIA BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA ADRIATIC SEA SARAJEVO MONTENEGRO ITALY | Antarctic-centric world view

A Compilation Of Absolutely Terrible Maps

They're terrible, and we love it.
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cover image of the world map and Superbowl wins

39 Terrible Maps That Idiots Won't Find Funny But Dumbasses Will Find Hilarious

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twitter list Memes election Maps - 1032965

Twitter Has an Electoral Map for Every Occasion

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twitter Maps - 913669

This Twitter Bot Will Create a New Fantasy World Every Hour

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Fan of the Day: Ohio State Fanatics Map Out the Best Route to Victory

Ohio state football fans walk 19 miles to spell out the state.
Via orweezy
news FAIL weather live tv Maps Video penis - 109063

Watch as a Specifically-Shaped Weather Maps Turns This News Crew Into 6th Graders

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awesome geography Maps Video - 69745409

Learn About Fennoscandia

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Now You're Going to Tell Me Hawaii Isn't Just Off the Coast of California

usa alaska facepalm geography Maps - 8346656000
Created by haliannbby

False, Apple Maps Never Helped Anyone

facepalm spelling Maps iphone - 8322599168
Via The_Boudzter
whoops geography Maps Video fail nation g rated - 59162369

See if You Can Spot the Differences in This Totally Erroneous Map That Made it to Spanish TV

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Use a Pin to Plan Your Travel With This Cork Globe!

design globe Maps - 8085497856
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More Map Art from Ed Fairburn

art design Maps - 7992373504
Via Colossal
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