cringe London reporter ridiculous accent Video culture - 97531905

News Presenter From London Tries To Correct Pronunciation Of Guy From Middlesbrough

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FAIL race London finish lol marathon dumb funny stupid - 8262917

London Marathon Runner in Big Ben Outfit Too Tall for Finish Line

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twitter London crime petty social media ridiculous funny - 7346949

17 Londoners Share The Most Hilariously Petty Crimes They've Experienced

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funny overheard eavesdropping

39 Hilariously Eavesdrop-tastic Overheard Conversations

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reviews FAILS paris ipad London inappropriate facebook cancer old people social media soup tesla the simpsons - 5556997

10 Times Old People Were Woefully out of the Loop on Facebook

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twitter London picture confused UK funny weird horse police - 1320197

We're All Deeply Confused By This Horse That Was Photographed Entering a Bus In London

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twitter chicken FAIL kid London food funny - 1235461

This Hilarious Kid Going Around London Reviewing Chicken Shops Is Just What 2016 Needed

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art Awkward London statue reactions - 984325

Weirdly Suggestive Statue Unveiled In London Leaves the Internet Very Confused

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Some American Tried to Make Londoners Interact on the Tube and It Went Over About as Well as Dumping Tea Into the Ocean

image england tube Some American Tried to Make Londoners Interact on the Tube
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advertisement London creative ads Cats - 946437

All of the Advertisements in a London Tube Station Were Just Replaced With Pictures of Cats and the Reason Why Is Fantastic

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aww letters London Cats police - 768773

London Constable Responded to a Little Girl's Letter About Police Cats in the Cutest Way Possible

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London tribute luke skywalker dance train Video win - 79760897

One Londoner Paid Tribute to Prince with a Dance on the Tube

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Woowww! (Owen Wilson voice)

twitter donald trump London - 8773281792
By jc2581 (Via

This Badass Cat Is Taking Over a British Supermarket & Not Having Your Sass

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Hateful Fat-Shamers Are Handing Out These Cards on The London Underground

social media woman calls out public fat-shaming group handing out cards on London Underground
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Even the London Fire Brigade Knows This Life Hack is Toast

funny fail tweet london fire brigrade tweets this grilled cheese life hack is toast
Via @LondonFire
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