Awesome mystery Twitter thread about a Roman ring | Gareth Harney @OptimoPrincipi 1 stranger than fiction Roman ring mystery thread: this enigmatic Roman gold ring found ploughed field near Silchester 1785 square bezel has portrait pagan goddess Venus, inscribed backwards SUNEV use as signet ring by owner. Curiously

Twitter Thread: Stranger Than Fiction History Behind Roman Ring

History is actually fun sometimes.
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Old High School Acquaintance Demanding Free Earrings Is A Real Piece of Work

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Vagina Necklaces Are a Thing and Due to High Demand They Just Broke an Etsy's Seller Shop

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One Woman's Response to a Saleswoman's Accidental Insult of Her Engagement Ring is Something We Should All Take to Heart

heartwarming dating image woman responds to saleswoman's insult of her engagement ring is amazing
Via Ariel Desiree McRae

I Don't Hate Him That Much

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She Must be a Closet Sports Nut!

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By ryuukokoro

The Ocelot Escaped, But Not Before Trampling Over an Innocent Bystander and Injuring Her Middle Finger

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Ram, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am

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The Only Way to Keep White Tears Close and Secure

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Sacrifice LEGO in the Name of Fashion?

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Will You Be My Valentine?

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Why Wink With Your Eyes When You Can Wink With Your Necklace?

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They Don't Even Spin!

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So That's Why Toe Rings Never Caught On

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Wear That Title Proudly

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