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Final Jeopardy Can Be a Harsh Mistress, Especially When Everyone Losses

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The Moment When Your Incorrect Jeopardy Answer Insults Liberals

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Champion of the Day: New Jeopardy Winner Matt Jackson Also Succeeds at Having a Super Creepy Smile

Matt Jackson is the new Jeopardy winner and it has the creepiest smile.
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Jeopardy of the Day: A Contestant Actually Got Alex Trebek to Say 'Turd Ferguson' on Air

Alex Trebek said 'Turd Ferguson' on Jeopardy last night.
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Alex Trebek Singing Rihanna's "Umbrella" Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable For Him

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Jeopardy fresh prince Alex Trebek Theme Song Video win - 72344065

Alex Trebek Rapped The ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song On Last Night’s Episode of ‘Jeopardy!’

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This Guy Didn't Get Final Jeopardy Right, but He's Won Our Hearts

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This Jeopardy Contestant Just Brought Some Serious Sass to the Classic Game Show

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Jeopardy game show whoops creepy Awkward Video - 70055681

Things Get Creepy and Awkward When This "Jeopardy!" Contestant Gives a Very, Very Wrong Answer

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Fail of the Day: Only One Contestant Makes Final Jeopardy

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What is, "That's Not How Jeopardy! Works?"

Jeopardy game show wheel of fortune phone number facepalm relationships - 8444207872
By Mr. Everybody
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Cringe of the Day: Maybe They Should Have Skipped This Contestant During Story Time

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This Time, Alex Trebek is the One Who Messed Up on Jeopardy!

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Jeopardy the internets Cats Video g rated win - 63938817

The One and Only Jeopardy Contestant to Truly Understand the Internet

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If You're Going to Lose at "Jeopardy!", Let Your Final Answer Take You Out in Style

Jeopardy prank g rated win - 8237993728
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If This Clip is Any Indication, Alex Trebek Has Completely Given Up on His Own TV Show

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