A funny Tumblr post about a hilariously misunderstood, good natured dude named Vinny.

Tumblr Thread: The Tragically Misunderstood Nice Guy Named Vinny

Poor Vinny is just trying to do good by the world.
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cute video of toddlers arguing in italian

Toddlers Arguing In Italian

Absolute gold.
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Tumblr thread on how Coronavirus lockdown in Italy ignited a debate about pasta | sedfierisentio most hilarious part italians' reaction coronavirus/covid19 has been them stockpiling EVERY SINGLE type pasta except PENNE LISCE Someone explain please want knowwww aphony-cree Penne lische is smooth and doesn't hold sauce way penne rigate does grooves make more sauce adhere

Tumblr Thread: Coronavirus Lockdown Ignites Pasta Debate In Italy

Nobody wants to mess with the penne lische.
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Brit living in Italy during Coronavirus lockdown talks some sense about the results | As Brit living Italy, here are some things need know: Our supermarkets HAVE STAYED OPEN. They are on slightly reduced hours and have queue get yes s ball-ache) but they are OPEN. EVERY DAY. Deliveries continue arrive so fucks sake, shop like NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!

Brit Living In Italy Talks Some Sense About Coronavirus

Finally, a break from the hysteria.
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Twitter thread breaks down the progression of Italy's Coronavirus experience | Yano @JasonYanowitz If still hanging with friends, going restaurants/bars, and acting like this isn't big deal, get shit together following thread is taken an Italian citizen. As they put rest world have no idea 's coming." As think everybody knows, Italy is on quarantine because coronavirus outbreak. This situation is bad, but 's worse is seeing rest world behaving as if isn't going happen them know thinking because

Twitter Thread: Italy's Coronavirus Experience

An enlightening thread on the progression of Coronavirus in Italy.
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italians in lockdown sing from their balconies

People In Italy Respond To Coronavirus Lockdown With Music

Amazing show of unity and strength.
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wwii facebook

World War II As a Facebook Conversation Actually Makes It WAY Easier To Understand

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sportsmanship referee sports Italy FAIL soccer slap Video - 80192513

Watch an Angry Italian Keeper Give Sportsmanship the Finger by Slapping The Sh*t Out Of A Referee

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Italy buzzfeed Video - 74938113

An Italian Has Answers to All of Buzzfeed's Stupid Questions About Italians and Italy

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Italy summer pool deer Video - 71539713

Summer Starts Early for This Deer in Italy That Got Trapped in a Pool

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ouch sports Italy soccer Video - 58412289

This Italian Soccer Player Celebrates a Bit Differently From the Rest of Us

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Italy cars Video traffic - 70162945

Oldie But Goodie: One Car Causes a Comically Terrible Traffic Jam in Italy

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Video Games IRL of the Day: Vigilante Mario Brothers Bring Water to Poor in Italy

IRL mario Italy video games water - 8391820032
Via Vocativ
sports Italy old people rock grandma Video - 60737537

This Italian Granny Could Probably Make it Into a Smaller Football Club

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Italy: Where the Beer Flows and Bocce is Everywhere

engrish Italy Germany Travel funny - 7574171648
Created by Mcakesasa

Geography Class: The Last Frontier

alaska Italy family feud geography funny - 7474938624
Created by KittyHMommy
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