A collection of funny tweets about Hogwarts without the rose colored glasses | Baegar Targaryen @TVsCarlKinsella ALBUS: Honestly, Minerva don't know if doing right thing. ALBUS: ALBUS: ALBUS just normal cat, aren't CAT: Meow. | HARRY: There's Voldemort RON: Now's our chance HARRY: Gonna do Expelliarmus RON: Harry, come on s Vol- HARRY S ONLY ONE KNOW

Hilarious Tweets From The World Of Hogwarts

Simply magical.
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Woman's Twitter Thread Points Out The Hilarious Struggles Of A Muggle At Hogwarts

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Funny Twitter parody account is like Harry Potter movies with the humor of Archer TV show.

"Hogwarts Is Stupid" Twitter Thread Is Like Harry Potter In the Comedic Style of Archer

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Hogwarts and harry potter memes

19 Times Hogwarts Logic Skewered Harry Potter

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Black Actress Noma Dumezweni To Play Hermione In Upcoming Harry Potter Stage Adaptation

Harry Potter Hogwarts - 8597069056
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Why Does Everyone Still Like Harry?

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Magical Parenting

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School of Fail: The Hogwarts Yearbook Photo Has Found its Way to the Internet

Hall of Fame Hogwarts - 6175872256
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Years Later, She's Still Bummed at Dad's Cruel Hogwarts Prank

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Playing Beer Pong at Hogwarts

in Quiddich beer pong always go for the snitch
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The Ultimate Tribute to Harry Potter in LEGO Form

Harry Potter lego nerdgasm Hogwarts g rated win - 8433714688
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You Might Not Get Your Hogwarts Letter, but You CAN Get a Wallet That Looks Like Your Invitation!

shut up and take my money Harry Potter design Hogwarts - 8391372544
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Hogwarts Has Installed New Security

wtf Harry Potter funny Hogwarts g rated School of FAIL - 8385661696
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Your Grades Aren't Up to Snuff

grades funny college Hogwarts g rated School of FAIL - 8298173184
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The Hogwarts Mantra

Harry Potter Hogwarts funny - 8223950336
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For Which Hogwarts House Do You Raise a Glass?

nerds Harry Potter awesome Hogwarts - 7865136640
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