wholesome physics awesome illusions Gravity old people Video - 106692353

Wholesome Old Dude Demonstrates Some Gravitational Illusions

Pretty neat stuff there.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to the times that gravity gave people the middle finger | Weaselux 4d Usually at top 5m ladder and fumble my electrical tape. 5m doesn't seem long way until climbed 300 times

Times Gravity Gave People The Middle Finger

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cover image of a cat standing on a car door handle

16 Gravity Defying Things To Make People Look Twice

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skateboarding tony hawk Gravity Video airplane - 80369921

Watch Tony Hawk Try to Shred in Zero Gravity

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compilation FAIL Gravity Video - 79507713

The Moment You Try to Fight Gravity, You've Already Lost

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stairs Gravity science explanation Video - 73440513

Science of Falling Down

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Teach the Controversy

school Gravity science - 8139600640
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Pretty Sure That's Not How Gravity Works, Dude

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Trust Us, We're Professionals

FAIL work Gravity - 8028330496
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The Kitchen of No-Physics

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Chair Explained

assinine awesome co-workers not basic instructions boredom chair cubicle boredom dickheads Gravity hardware paper signs passive aggressive ridiculous sass screw you signage wiseass - 3511913472
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slide waterslide Gravity whee Video - 69436161

Here's a Slide With a Near-Vertical Drop and a Loop. Take THAT, Physics!

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sorcery tea Gravity Video g rated win - 69142785

Who Needs Gravity When You're Pouring Tea?

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Gravity Is Just Below You

get down for gravity
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Gravity science Video - 68651521

What Planet Is Super Mario World On?

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More Polite Than "Stop Climbing on the Shelves, Idiots"

monday thru friday warning sign retail Gravity - 8440171264
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