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Dejected Son Destroys Cheating Father's Life, Takes Everything In All-Out Family Warfare, Leaves Him With Nothing

This son had a tempestuous relationship with his old man. The two briefly reconciled when his dad got cancer, only for his dad's adultery to be revealed. He supported his mother through separation from his father, which put him squarely in the crosshairs of his dad's “traditional” family. After an encounter with the family, a plot began to take shape. This story was posted to Reddit's r/prorevenge subreddit but strayed well into “Nuclear Revenge” territory. In this story, u/thunderkerg tells ho…
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Dad who looks like obi-wan kenobi will literally fight for his daughter, goes viral on tiktok

TikToker Is Going Viral For Her Videos About Her Star Wars-Nerd Dad Always Being Ready to Fight Someone Who Messes With Her

He almost got arrested for threatening her teacher in high school. He scared her ex-boss into offering back her job. He's also a huge nerd and likes to dress like Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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Irredeemable Schism Forms as Dad Gives Grandma's House to Step-Son While She's Still Breathing, She Disinherits Him

An estranged father. A grandmother whose home had been wrongfully gifted. These two pieces set the stage.
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Bad "Boss-Zilla" Dad Gets A Wake Up Call When His Daughter Singles Him Out

Bad boss dad gets told by his daughter
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12 reddit text images aita for telling SIL that daughter is like father | thumbnail "Posted by u/middleagedluny8278 1 day ago AITA for telling my "SIL" that her daughter is like her father?Chloe was crying and I was raging. What the hell is wrong with a 19 year old who bullies a 14 year old? I told Lucy her words were inappropriate, and she laughed and replied "it's the truth" and that "she has to learn eventually".

Sister Compares Teenage Niece To Convict Brother After Niece Bullies Her Daughter, An Unfortunate Family Reunion

No toleration for bully behavior
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don't tell your parent stories

People's "Don't Tell Your Mother About This" Moments

Or father. Either one.
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Funny dad memes and jokes | Dads showing other dads ribs they grilled over weekend Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio

Dad Memes for the Hardworking Dads Out There

Quick, find a dad!
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dad explains polygamy to son

Dad "Explains" Polygamous Lifestyle To Son

Son can see right through the deceptive tactics.
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Bad father names baby without mother's permission, brother convinces his new woman to name her baby the original mom's name | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/AngelGuideIndi 1 day ago He Ruined My Sister's Only Birth Experience So Made Sure He'd NEVER Forget Her Obligatory apology formatting as on mobile. Kinda my revenge, kinda my sisters, both us really proud. This is gonna be long so TL;DR at bottom. Here's our cast: My sister call her "Sara story Sister's Ex-BF Paul" Ex-BFs New Wife Jane" Ex-BFs Par

Bad Dad Goes Behind Mom's Back to Name Baby, Brother Returns the Favor

It's some kind of justice.
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Dad sends wtf letter to guy for honor restitution years after relationship ends | Isaac N. @isaactweeting One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7 years found this absolute ornament in their mailbox. Just...stop what you're doing and read...

Highschool Ex's Dad Demands Restitution for Daughter's Honor

Dear lord.
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Dad admits that he regrets having children during a marriage counseling session, and asks people on Reddit whether he was a jerk | AITA admitting regret having children. Not hole My wife and are both 42 and marriage counselling after our marriage basically went shit after having kids (6 and 4 year old twins lot issues and disagreements have come up our marriage have driven us apart and have been working through my resentment going back one more baby resulted twins, including one which are pretty

Dad Admits He Regrets Having Children During Marriage Counseling

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Grown man asks Reddit for advice after his father-in-law grounds him.

Grown Man Gets Grounded By Father-In-Law

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Dad gets annoyed by jehova's witnesses, so he invites them in, gets drunk and starts showing them his guns before they run away.

Dad Drives Off Jehovah's Witnesses By Inviting Them In and Getting Hammered

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story of plumber who got stiffed so he grouted their bathroom with sugar

Couple Stiffs Plumber Dad So He Grouts Their Bathroom With Sugar

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shameless dad story

50 Shameless Individuals Share the Most Dad Thing They Did This Year

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dad is asian ron swanson, wholesome twitter, son tweeting about dad,

Guy's Wholesome Twitter Thread Explains How His Dad Is Asian Ron Swanson

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