Bathe in the Sadness of Drake's Music

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Drake Cannot Into Basketball, Throws Up an Airball at Kentucky's "Midnight Madness" Event

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The Inspiration

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An Enterprising Toronto Citizen is Giving Some Signs the Drake They Deserve

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Just Answer the Question Drake!

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Drake Buys Robots, Not Women

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But... But... a McFlurry...

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Drake Is Very Loving

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Drake Was the Face of Every Kentucky Wildcats Fan Last Night

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He's Ruined That Background Pattern Forever

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Drake is Very Upset That Philip Seymour Hoffman Overshadowed his "Rolling Stone" Cover, Good Thing He Handles it Maturely

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Started From the Bottom and Now We're Here, on an Idiot's Facebook

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Drake Takes Responsibility For His Actions

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The World May Never Know

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Dang, Solar Powered Strip

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Good Job, But I Ordered An Omelette

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