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Just Goes to Show That Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now

Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now
Via throatfrog

They Really Went Off the Rails With That Sesason

Via tpolisher

The Light! It Burns!

DVD hipster lights - 4325797888
Created by Unknown

Extra-Dimensional FAIL

knockoff DVD Video theater - 6697638912
Created by Unknown

Way Cooler Than Organizing Things Alphabetically

DVD rainbow win - 8440266496
Via DVDJunky

Never Has a Bootleg Been More Honest

DVD knockoff fail nation - 8091103488
Via Neatorama

Our Box Office Experience Defined

engrish DVD superman fail nation - 8036623104
Created by Unknown

Mike Never Gets Any Respect

disney DVD funny - 7652132608
Created by Unknown


engrish Movie DVD funny fail nation - 7562728704
Created by Unknown

Trust Me. You'll Thank Me, Kid.

DVD g rated parenting Chucky - 7515348736
Created by Unknown

Dwayne Johnson is a Bit of a Chicken, For Sure

engrish DVD the rock fail nation - 7384537344
Created by Unknown

Sticker Placement FAIL

sticker accidental sexy DVD - 7019019008
Created by Joanie_mac

Is This How "The Matrix" Went?

engrish Movie DVD knockoff fail nation g rated - 7027401216
Via Geeks are Sexy

Bruce Al-8 Mile FAIL

engrish engrish funny DVD - 6867330304
Via Reddit

Engrish Avengers FAIL

engrish Movie DVD avengers Hall of Fame best of week - 6700139008
Created by Unknown
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