A Twitter thread about a girl's Italian family being surprised by a DNA test | buzzfeed owes money f Follow @queenozymandias My uncle on my Italian side got one DNA tests done and turns out they're not Italian and everyone my family is having mental breakdown

Twitter Thread: Italian Family Gets Blindsided By DNA Test

Those DNA tests are deadly.
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People share stories of how their lives were changed by DNA tests.

People Who Had Their Lives Changed By DNA Tests

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dna test causes chaos in family

Guy Creates Chaos In His Family With A $99 DNA Ancestry Test

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person waters their plants with microwaved water

Anti-Microwave Idiot Gets Absolutely Decimated by Real Science

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Awkward DNA iphone - 6035004928
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Awesome DNA Earrings

now you can be adorable and love science
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awesome science DNA Video - 68550657

Music in Your DNA

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DNA Can Make a Flight to Space and Back

rocket science DNA space - 8387106560
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Science Cake!

cake awesome science DNA - 8295965696
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Are You Choosing Friends With Similar DNA?

friends science DNA biology - 8256484608
experiment science DNA Video - 62551809

How to Extract the DNA From a Strawberry

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If That's Not The Craziest Thing Ever...

awesome DNA Fun Fact science School of FAIL - 8163289344
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Using DNA to Make Mugshots

awesome DNA science - 8123077888
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Way to Be a Jerk DNA

scumbag science DNA funny - 8038479104
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An Adorable Mouse Knits DNA

statue science DNA funny mouse - 8035776000
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More Evidence Neanderthals "Had Relations" With Humans

DNA humans sexy times funny science - 7963507200
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