Weird and stupid DIY crafts and projects | soft cupboard utensils and plates stuffed in the slits in a block of foam | Upcyled Caterpillar Tailcoat sewed gloves trailing behind a long coat

Absurd and Potentially Horrible DIY Projects

Well, it's definitely unique.
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funny and stupid DIY failures | toilet seat cover with a chunk taken off it to fit it next to a wall | stairs leading up to nowhere blocked by the ceiling

Weird, Bad and Absurd DIY Situations

Looks, uh, done.
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funny low budget engineering

Masterful Feats of Low Budget Engineering

The best ideas are the simplest ones.
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low budget Do-it-yourself engineering | fixing a broken headlamp in a car with a bottle of coke | cleaning roof drainage pipes with an extra tall leaf blower

Masterful Low Budget DIY Solutions

It's not stupid if it works.
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funny low budget DIY solutions

Low Budget DIY Solutions That Are Held Together By Sheer Will

What a marvel of engineering.
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A funny Tumblr post about the importance of leaning on professionals for home repairs.

Tumblr Thread: Millennials And Boomers Clash Over Home Repairs

Always wise to phone in the pros.
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cool awesome ridiculous DIY Video win - 107457537

Simone Giertz Builds Mechanical Dining Room Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Impressive stuff.
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impressive cool awesome DIY Video win - 107455745

Upholsterer Manages To Restore A Completely Rotten Chair

Immensely satisfying spectacle to behold.
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funny cool low budget fixes and stupid engineering solutions

Low Budget Fixes And Feats Of Domestic Engineering

If it works it's not stupi... is that a chainsaw sword?
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funny fails relating to construction and installation

25 Incompetent Moments of "Unique" Construction and Installation

She's nonstandard, but she gets the job done.
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stupid, weird and bad DIY creations

Weird, Intriguing and Not Great DIY Projects

Maybe there's a reason keyboards don't come with grass.
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funny and stupid diy and construction fails

Laughable and Dumb Building Maneuvers In Need of A Pro

Something is wrong here.
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video of guy making art with a photocopier

Photocopier Artist Explains His Craft

Self expression at the hands of technology!
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taco bell awesome DIY knowledge Video win service industry tiktok - 2130694

TikToker Shares Glorious DIY Taco Bell Recipe

At last.
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Weird stuff people tried selling online | 40 year old summer sausage sale. One kind and extremely rare | 10,000 Chuck E Cheese Tickets US $450.00 Free Shipping

Strange and Unique Stuff People Tried Selling Online

It's mostly garbage but it's a bargain!
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Funny and stupid engineering solutions | bench made of wooden planks and concrete blocks | candle taped below a shower head to warm heat up the pipes

Impressive and Dumb Low Budget DIY Solutions

So maybe some of these ideas are better than others.
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