The finest cats on the internet. Here you can has cats, their cheeseburgers, and everything to do with the glorious feline persuasion. Whether you adore them from afar or have assembled your own army to assert world dominance, you will definitely appreciate these hilarious cat jokes puns and memes.

Human ends up befriending a cat that doesn't meow. | sailorcuba Follow purest form serotonin is cat looks at u and u go like and meows at u moderngargoyle Follow like is very unspecific response still have no idea want but l applaud adorably meowed all same, well done moderngargoyle Follow This post led reminisce on nature cat's meowing, and have funny story befriended feral cat once who had spent her life forest without human

Tumblr Thread: Human Befriends Cat That Doesn't Meow

Cats are awesome.
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Neighbors try to steal family's cat, so family sings, cat tears up neighbor's furniture | r/pettyrevenge u/Frogfins Steal our cat Get ready can-can This happened few years back but recent post about OP trying justify stealing their neighbours cat reminded little background on cat, Romeo born our house and lived with his mother and siblings. He also had heart murmur which manageable but required daily medication

Neighbor Tries To Steal Family's Cat, Family Gets Cat Back By Singing

Romeo sounds like an awesome cat.
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Grieving owner gets emotional response about cat dying question | My cat died my bedroom while still sleeping, and while couldn't have done anything about feel guilty because might have heard her die do stop feeling guilty about this and move on? 86 ANSWERS Michael Duncan been trained by few. Some my best friends are cats Undated Oct 29 Author has 302 answers

Grieving Cat Owner's Question Makes Way for All These Feels

Thanks for that insight, kind stranger.
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tumblr thread on cat construction foreman | His name is Black and adopted by workers construction site Antofagasta, Chile. He found by some workers near area he just kitten, and they decided take care care him workers loved him and one cleaning ladies site designed some mini reflective jackets- and other outfits him. He officialy named foreman and had its own access credential construction site belive

Tumblr Thread: The Chilean Cat Foreman

With an ID card and everything.
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Tumblr discusses self involvement of cats | froody Follow Removes my cat my lap do something else My cat: Father is evil? Father is unyielding? Father is incapable love am running away am packing my little rucksack and going out explore world as lone vagabond can no longer thrive this household. cryoverkiltmilk Follow spiritual successor

Tumblr Thread: Cats are Verbose, Irrational Narcissists

Oh, cry me a river.
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An informative Tumblr thread about how cats became domesticated | koryos CATS let's talk about housecats and fucking weird they are evolutionarily/anthropologically like who thought good idea have tiny malicious predators our homes anyways not us actually are they even domesticated yes do they even feel LOVE yes LET'S LEARN ABOUT CATS

Tumblr Thread: How Cats Ended Up Being Domesticated

All the knowledge.
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twitter thread about adopting a stray cat | Connor Manning @AConnorManning Made friends with most affectionate street cat

The Saga of A Cat Getting Itself Adopted

It's a wholesome timeline.
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cat staring at bananas tumblr thread | matzahball bought bunch bananas and l've caught Cleo staring at them every day since

Quick Tumblr Thread On Banana-Fixated Cat

It's just one of those weird things.
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Grown up cat has very small meow

Grown Cat Has Comically Small Meow

He's tryin'.
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cat has weird sneeze video

Cat Has Weird Sneeze

Feel the sneeze.
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Things pets learned or were accidentally trained to do | mother_of_dragons011 8.1k points 13 hours ago My cat will open tray my Xbox he thinks been playing too long. Even if just started

Things People Accidentally Trained Their Pets to Do

They're smart, man.
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Man discovers cat with babies underneath his bed, and his dad instinct kicks in | Paris Zarcilla @ParisZarcilla So JUST FOUND CAT IS NOT MINE AND HAS HAD BABIES UNDER MY BED.

Tumblr Thread: Man Discovers Cat With Babies Underneath Bed

Cat Dad is the real MVP.
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talking cat speaking meowing human sound

Cat Says "We're Going" On The Way To The Vet

Too cute.
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A dog attacks a child but a cat comes in and saves the day.

Cat Saves Toddler from Dog Attack

Who said cats don't help?
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puffy dogs and cats from run-ins with bees

Pets that had Run-Ins with Bees

Lesson learned, hopefully.
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Text exchange of a guy wanting a cat back after 5 years | Hello my name is number hoping talk gave Wed, Mar 25, 5:40 PM Hello, sorry work nights so l've been asleep can do Wed, Mar 25, 10:45 PM wondering about cat my mom gave few years ago Thu, Mar 26, 3:50 PM Oh mean Khaleesi? Im not sure call her im guessing yes if thats grey cat my mom gave and lived together he Fri, Mar 27, 5:14 PM iMessage Pay GIF

Bold Dude Demands Cat Back after Five Years

Whoa that's a handful.
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