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Tumblr Story About Magic Earring Ken Doll Is Priceless

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marriage Barbie relationships facebook dating - 853253

Guy Creates a Special Game Developer Barbie For His Wife and Wins All the Points

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barbie x files

Dana Scully Barbie Is Solving 'X-Files' and Looking Fabulous on Instagram

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Hijarbie on Instagram Makes the Case for Glamorous, Modest Doll Fashion

barbie realistic fashion Hijarbie on Instagram Makes the Case for Glamorous, Modest Doll Fashion
Via @hijarbie
commerical fashion Barbie Video - 75895041

Every Tiny Fashionista In Your Life Will Want This Moschino Barbie

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Creativity Starts Young

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Hello There!

dating funny image Hello There!
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Ah-Ah-Ah Yeah!

bacardi Barbie blackout passed out - 6188246784
By Unknown

Study Hard!

Barbie McDonald's minimum wage - 6277181184
By Unknown

Unrealistic Standards

Barbie - 7937281536
By Unknown

It's Tough to Know if Girls Want to Party

Barbie song Party funny after 12 g rated - 8441956864
By Unknown

At Least the Kids Didn't Forget Your Birthday

kids Barbie birthday birthday card parenting dad g rated - 8434270208
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Sometimes Your New Boyfriend Just Isn't That Impressive

impressive boyfriend Barbie funny - 8414644224
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Rewrite of the Day: The Internet Reboots Sexist Book That Says Engineer Barbie Can't Code

code Barbie - 8381410304
Via Feminist Hacker Barbie

One Drunk Cake

Barbie 21 cake funny - 8335516416
Via De4ndre

The Ladies Love Him

Sexy Ladies Barbie summer pool funny - 8298118144
Via eDeaf
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