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Man Tries to Put Down Balloon

We've all had moments like this.
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Teacher underestimates students with balloon test | solarmorrigan So. 10th grade English class all come one morning find balloon and perfectly sharpened pencil on each our desks. No instructions, no explanation, which is strange, because our teacher is meticulous about sort thing couple people try ask her and she says get She takes role and then announces she needs go copy room and she'll be back couple minutes

Tumblr Story: Teacher Underestimates Students in Social Experiment

Hey, they're not the worst all the time.
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"Tiny Mistake" With Balloons Causes Massive Disaster

Not the brightest idea.
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Guy's Wife Asks For "Generic Birthday" and He Over-Delivers

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expectation vs reality

15 Times Reality T-Boned into Expectations

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Orbit The Town is Really Sad About This

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Happy Birthday! OMG

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Who Needs LOVE When You Can Get It With Just the V?

FAIL Balloons vagina - 8817749760
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Nothing Like Cracking Yourself up

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If You Need a Little Pick Me Up, Watch This Terrier Set the World Record for Fastest Time Popping 100 Balloons

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This Guy's a Real Air Head

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Mrs. Wood Is The Best Teacher

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Free Hugs

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This Balloon Isn't Filled With Helium

dogs, balloons, butt, party
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A Birthday Gone Wrong, or Terrible Drugs?

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The Science-Inclined Will Understand Exactly How This Won't Work

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