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Cringeworthy Signs Someone Is Trying Too Hard To Look Tough

By all means express yourself, but if constantly talking about how you “could totally beat someone up if you really wanted to but don't right now” isn't exactly the quickest way to earn people's respect. We've all known a few people like this. Some of us have even done this stuff before realizing its not having its intended effect. If you find yourself crafting a multi-paragraph Facebook post about how you're a shark and these waters are your grisly home, save that bad boy in drafts, sleep on i…
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18 Awestruck People Share the Most Metal Thing They Have Ever Seen

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OG Teacher Puts Two Students Who Are About To Fight In Their Place

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15 Champions of Toughness Who Are Powerful and Strong

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15 Powerful Renegades Whose Strength and Focus Will Decimate the Weak

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10 Of The Craziest Badasses To Ever Walk The Planet

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Badass is Taking on an Armed Robber With Your Bare Hands

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Nutrition Facts WIN

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Watch Out, We Got a Badass With Total Disregard for Authority Over Here

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The Most Badass Husband Ever

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Failbook: When 12 year-olds Brag

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This Grandma Is More Badass Than You

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Like Father Like Daughter

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Its only Badass till someone brushes against it

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Wild Child

Badass child meme - 5501494784
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Nobody Looks Badass With Keystone

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