Twitter thread about neighborhood dog that visits Airbnb | @raycont_ Airbnb staying at left note about neighborhood dog and look who pulled up today WELCOME Josie 3:07 am 30/6/20 Twitter iPhone cute black dog with a graying snout

Wholesome AirBnB Has Neighborhood Dog Visitor

Why can't they all be like this.
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Airbnb host demands that guest showers before they use the bed | AITA sleeping after long plane journey instead showering? tried out AirBnB first time on recent trip NY staying my host's (24F) bedroom while she bunked with her roommate arrived after an 8 hour flight at would be around 3am my time, but 10pm NY. Met my host who showed around quickly, pointing out bathroom and bedroom told her exhausted, so just wanted go bed fell asleep almost immediately, and then awoke at

Airbnb Host Demands Guest Showers Before Using Bed

It really just sounds like the host was trying to make some extra money.
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Guy rents an airbnb and the plumbing backs up horribly, forcing everyone to leave | r/tifu Posted by DicksOut4Paul TIFU by trusting some rando on Airbnb L Shit River 2K19 have thousand words explain all transpired with Our Dear Friend Paul August 3rd August 4th, 2019. Let spin tale tale Shit River.

Airbnb Turns Into House of Stinky Nightmares

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housing twitter house Airbnb social media ridiculous funny - 8845317

Guy Shares List Of Tedious House Rules From Airbnb Host

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airbnb party

Rude Bible Study Group Wrecks Guy's AirBnB And Girlfriend Live-Tweets It All

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