3d animation needler lol dumb video games funny weird stupid - 107703553

3D Animator Gets Inspired By Hot Dog Needler Tweet, Makes It A Reality

So that's what it would be like.
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video of a 3D printer made to make sandwiches

3D Printer Turned Into Sandwich Making Robot

The future is here and it makes sandwiches.
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weird perspective pics

21 Mind-Throttling Images of Weird Perspective

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Close Enough

3d 3d glasses funny there I fixed it - 7790814720
Created by Unknown

3D Drawing WIN

pencil 3d drawing sketch illusion - 6898118144
Via Illusion
3d alien Augmented reality nerdgasm scifi sci fi shirt Video - 41434625

WIN!: Augmented Reality Shirt WIN

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Seeing in 3D is Too Mainstream

3d hipsters - 6537004800
Created by Cathal_James

3D Pac-Man WIN

3d nerdgasm pac man projection video games - 6552167424
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3d 3d glasses glasses movies Video - 40362241

Style in 3D

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Topographical Puzzle WIN

3d design puzzle typography - 6400583936
Via Michael Kranz

On the Topic of Stereoscopic

3d 3d glasses camera canon digital camera - 6302017792
Created by GalderGollum

Got My 3D Glasses

3d cups glasses solo cups - 5953226752
Created by Unknown

Friendship Has Limits

3d forever alone Okay star wars your friends are laughing at you - 5801371648
Created by BlueIceLobo

I Wish You Weren't So Dumb

3d wut - 5367647232
Created by Unknown

3D Drawings WIN

3d art drawing illusion pencil photography sketch - 5424018176
Via Flavorwire

3D Street Art WIN

3d art detail gallery graffiti Street Art - 5270599680
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