people's ages in non-numerical fashion

People Dating Themselves Without Stating Their Actual Age

Those were the days.
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nostalgic snacks from the 90s and 2000s | fruitopia 20-oz plastic bottle beverage non-carbonated. utintegration weis.ce | ORIG CLERRT ALTOIDS CURIOUSLY STRONG MANGO SOURS PRESS

Nostalgic Snacks from the 90s and 00s

Our teeth were never the same.
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Tumblr explains the early 2000s phenomonon of losing "The Game." | rainnecassidy If old enough remember just lost Game. raggedyanndy

Tumblr Explains The Origins of Losing The Game

Streak broken.
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Burger King Ad for green products for ooze campaign in 2001.

Old Burger King "Ooze" Ad is As 2000s as It Gets

The Ska's the limit.
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Twitter thread describes pop punk bands using quotes from John Mulaney in the 2000s | Yikes On Bikes TM @ayrbee PRESENT MY VERY SMALL AUDIENCE. POP PUNK BANDS 2000S AS JOHN MULANEY QUOTES THREAD.

Twitter Thread: Pop Punk Bands Of The 2000s As John Mulaney Quotes

Pretty accurate.
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Trends and popular fads that were quickly forgotten.

Huge Trends That Everyone Just Kinda Forgot About

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nostalgic tweet about finding out school is cancelled

21 Nostalgic Tweets and Images That Will Turn Your Blood to Nickelodeon Goo

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