School of Fail


You Only Go to School Once...Wait What?

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Created by Unknown

Good Job, You Ruined Graduation

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Created by Unknown

I Bet That Worked Out Great for You Too

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Created by isiskakashi

Learn Your Lab Safety Rules!

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Created by Unknown

This is the Best Use of YOLO Yet

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Created by Unknown

English 101: Words With Friends

english yolo Words With Friends - 7338539776
Created by Unknown

At Least Your Teacher Is Honest

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Created by Unknown

I Tell Myself Everyday

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But You Can Fail More Than That.

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Created by trupp96

A Well-Deserved Fate

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Via Izismile

YOLO Don't Work in School

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Created by Teotwawki

Since When is YOLO Not a Reason?

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Created by Featherstreet

Best Exam Ever

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Created by Unknown

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