School of Fail


Everyone Loves Fun Facts!

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Must It?

paper wrong idiots funny - 7845267200
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Poetry Killer!

muscles wrong - 6568548352
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Everything About This Is Wrong

you'll fail at scantron now.
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Spending a Whole Day at the Wrong School

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Don’t Worry, You’ll Understand Science Someday

pollution science steam wrong - 6501794048
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Learn to Eat a Damn Taco

textbook wrong food - 6950444800
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Three Things to Improv Upon This Year

list wrong - 7141358848


hate funny memories wrong - 8015788032
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94th Year Senior

old yearbook senior wrong funny g rated School of FAIL - 7481337344
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I Hope It's Not Your English Teacher...

sign english wrong teacher - 7098776576
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You Keep Using That Word...

wrong math - 6879851520
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I Think You Learned the Wrong States

california wrong states g rated School of FAIL - 6893890816
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Celebrating History, One Wrong Ethnicity at a Time

school FAIL wrong School of FAIL - 7039511808
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Never a Good Sign

answers scary wrong test - 7113921024
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Prove Your Math Teacher Wrong

wrong teacher math funny - 8381554176
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