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Meet Cubli!

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10 Strange Diseases

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Water Does Weird Stuff

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Black Holes Are Weird, and Dusty

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I Think it's the First Reason

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This Kid Really Needs to Calm Down

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Funny and interesting English language moments | ace-nyctophyle any noun can become verb if don't care enough yupokaysuremhm This point is invalid unless use an example sentence ace-nyctophyle CAN SENTENCE WANT THANK yupokaysuremhm BEAUTIFUL mysterytinyfox see thats why love english ailithnight like velociraptor around my house at 2 morning. ace-nyctophyle GOOD not--be--tea-but-brit My headache makes want clothesline into wall enquires-state-building why do these make some semblance sense 9

Fun and Frustration with The English Language

It's a weird language.
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Acoustic Levitation Is Weird

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Anyone Ever Asked You This?

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Weird Science of the Day: Smelling Farts Might Prevent Cancer

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Scientists Are Strange

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