school vacation news Boston Marathon Runner and Dad Takes Issue With Zero-Tolerance Attendance Policy
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Boston Marathon runner, Mike Rossi, took his two third-graders out of school to go with him and his wife on a family vacation. The girls missed three days of school during a trip that included watching their father run the Boston Marathon and touring historical sites in Boston. In return they received a form letter from their school saying that the days they missed would be counted as unexcused absences. Rossi's written response to the school supporting his children's educational experience on the trip has gotten a lot of media attention.  

Rossi does not deny that this is the policy of the school. Concerning his response to the schools letter, Rossi said this to Philadelphia Magazine:

"These rules should be in place for parents who aren't involved and who, in some cases, don't even know their kids are absent. This is not for responsible parents trying to teach their kids the right things and teach them about the world outside the classroom."