School of Fail

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Well, That Makes Sense

evolution creationism science text book School of FAIL - 6927687424
By Natalie_Geographic (Via io9)

Text Book Insult!

anatomy fat science body text book - 6937311488
By eve4665

Resist the Math Humor at All Costs

humor wtf math funny text book - 7736227584
By Unknown

Science Is Emo

cells funny science text book - 8236620032
Via Your Face Is

Textbooks Are Upping Their Stock Photo Game

funny pirates text book wtf g rated School of FAIL - 8356212480
Via Scintillant Prophet

Makes Total Sense to Me

makes sense text book - 6893632768
By Unknown

Now That's How You Stop Plagiarism

literature plagiarism funny text book - 8391940352
Via Nrthnline

Have You Ever Loved Someone So Much...

love funny lost text book - 8170020864
By FatherofGray

Understanding How Force Works

physics force text book - 7339094016
By AquaBear_

Get Your Old School Meteorology On!

Meteorology weather science text book - 7824745472
By Unknown

This Is Why Canada Is Good at Math

Canada funny math text book - 8335158528
Via Plavusha

Things You Learn in Biology

cells science text book - 7158864640
By Unknown