School of Fail


Seems Right to Me

Text - Fredie Mecery 11. Name one popular queen. WIN
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The Answer Is Always C

teachers what does the fox say test funny g rated School of FAIL - 7854670592
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Not Short Enough

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Someone Didn't Know the Answers

finals scantron no no tubes test funny - 8404183296
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English Test?

wtf english test - 7585207808
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The Cheating Problem Has Been Solved

class cheating test funny - 7515261952
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Wow... Just Wow

wtf grades test ä - 7487089920
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At Least Your Teacher Is Honest

yolo teachers test funny - 7995808000
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You Spelled Pee Wrong

kid pee wrong test spelling funny - 7451453952
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Damn That Fox Is Everywhere

what does the fox say test science Chemistry funny - 7856289792
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Lifetime Achievement

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Well This is a Disaster

yikes disaster test - 6534059008
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Top That

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Know Teacher Body Language

FAIL funny test teacher g rated School of FAIL - 8330294784
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Doesn't Matter What Happened, It's Over

bad FAIL booze test g rated School of FAIL - 7041105920
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I Call Upon the Dark Forces of Cliff's Notes and Redbull

studying finals image I Call Upon the Dark Forces of Cliff's Notes and Redbull
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