School of Fail


I'm Terrible at Multiple Choice

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It's Not Looking too Great

life test funny - 7453881344
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The Answer Is Always C

teachers what does the fox say test funny g rated School of FAIL - 7854670592
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Might as Well Turn it in Now

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The Ninja of Good Grades

ninja grades test funny - 8381556736
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The First to Finish or the First to Fail?

FAIL test math funny - 7457648384
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It's a Different Kind of Alarming

school test funny It's a Different Kind of Alarming
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Formal VS Informal Sentences

funny school image Formal VS Informal Sentences
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The Teachers Need to Stay Off the Internet

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Funny answers kids gave on tests that may not be right, but they are not so wrong - cover image of question about someone who at many candy bars, with the kid saying he now has diabetes from eating all those, without providing the real answer.

15 Creative Test Answers That Prove Kids Are Much Smarter Than We Think

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Sometimes You Just Don't Know the Answer

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Hope You Brought Your Magnifying Glass

school test image Hope You Brought Your Magnifying Glass
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See Me City

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Which One Are You?

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Never Snitch

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Well Played, Student

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