School of Fail


Some People Aren't Meant for Math

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Question 100 Is a Doozy

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I Pasted!

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English Test?

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But it Was Only Pretend

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Not Creepy at All, Newton

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Seems Like A Baaad Idea

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Nothing Stands in the Way of the Test!

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I Choose Huh? Everytime

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That Last Question Is a Doozy

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The Things Kids Learn

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Damn That Internet

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Funny answers kids gave on tests that may not be right, but they are not so wrong - cover image of question about someone who at many candy bars, with the kid saying he now has diabetes from eating all those, without providing the real answer.

15 Creative Test Answers That Prove Kids Are Much Smarter Than We Think

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Well This is a Disaster

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Wow... Just Wow

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I'm Doomed.

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