School of Fail

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Define "Could Not Really Happen"

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By the.magheera

I Choose The Last One Every Time

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It Seemed to Work So Well in the Books

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Via Nerd Quirks

Watch as Sweet, Sweet Chaos Ensues

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By NinjaBoy82

Test Days are the Worst Days

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By Unknown

Not Wrong

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By Unknown

I Am SO Smart

spanish test humor g rated School of FAIL - 6870189312
By Unknown

Lie He Does Not

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

The Story of Every Exam

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By Blitzkreig

Your Poor Teacher...

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By Unknown

Well Now I'm Really Confused.

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By Unknown

Question Four Was So Last Week

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By Unknown

Is Such a Thing Even Possible?

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By Unknown

You Still Have a Shot at a Solid 50%

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By Unknown

The Evil Solution

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By Unknown