School of Fail


I'm doing AP Statistics and I'm Still Alive

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The Dime Mystery

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This Is Why Teachers Can't Have Nice Things

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At Least Your Teacher Is Honest

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Stop Looking at the Clock

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I'm Not Sure That Was What the Teacher Meant

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Funny moments, clever moments, moments of genius, smart memes, silly memes | Thano Chemistry substitute slowly writing endgame spoilers on board every time talked. half a donut placed on top of a Starbucks cup with the straw going through the hole in the middle

33 Impressive Moments Of Minor Genius

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Avengers vs Justice Leauge - the Teacher Edition

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How Your Teacher Really Grades

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True Facts

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Grading Papers is For Chumps

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Some Teachers Don't Take Kindly to Grammar Nazis

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Who Needs a Real Map Anyway

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There Can be Only One Educator

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Welcome to the Parent-Teacher Conference From Hell

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