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Two Teacher Who Got "Busy" After Hours Can't Be Fired

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Via NY Post

Things Physics Professors Do With Their Children

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Via Grad School Rage Comics

Teaching 101: Now Go Thank a Teacher

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By Unknown

Why Do Bad Teachers Prosper?

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By NowSourcing (Via Best Degree Programs)

Teachers Don't Want to Deal With Your Romances

quit making out class
Via Adedward

Some Teachers Don't Take Kindly to Grammar Nazis

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Via The Italian Champ

Mr. Bean, He Knows How to Cope With Life

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By Unknown

Let Your Teacher Know You Study

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Via Ohiyoo

True Facts

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By Unknown

Just Erase it All!!!

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By PonyToast

Every Damn Monday

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By Unknown

I Did Not Choose the Thug Life...

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By Aiwonnie

Back To School Night

Via TheSimpsons

Teachers' Exchange.

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By MonsieurHolcomb

The 12 Doges of Christmas

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Me Teach Good!

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By freebird509
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