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The Phone in Your Arm

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True Nerd Pride

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An entitled teen wants to steal a tattoo artist's design, doesn't understand their frustration. | going get tattoo. 1h Reply Hide replies sel tattoo rights and linework on my Etsy buy and can get clean like work file give tattooer! 1h Reply

Entitled Teen Wants To Steal Tattoo Artist's Design, Doesn't Understand Their Anger

The ignorance is strong with this one.
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The Ins and Outs of How Tattoos Work

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How Good Is Your Chemistry? Do You Know What You're Looking At?

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Mitochondria Mothers

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An Amazing Chemistry Tattoo

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Did an English Teacher Become a Tattoo Artist?

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Someone Loves Math

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Psychology & Tattoos

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Why Are Tattoos Permanent?

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Some Scientists Have Amazing Tattoos

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Getting a Tattoo For Science!

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Tattoos For Science!

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Nucleosynthesis of Carbon in a Tattoo

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