School of Fail


You're a Terrible Note Taker

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When You'd Rather Watch the Paint Peel

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Use the Element of Surprise in This Modified Game of Battleship

win study hack teacher turned battleship into studious game with periodic table
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Okay Then, I'll Stop Studying

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I'm Really Good At Never Getting Anything Done

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The NSA is in League With Your Teachers

school studying image The NSA is in League With Your Teachers
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Studying Is Difficult for Magikarp

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I'm Dying Over Here!

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Best Advice Ever

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He's Really Pusheen His Luck

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Savage Professor Is Roasting His Students By Hilariously Meme-ing Himself

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When You Have To Study

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Let's Be Honest, You're Just Going to Play Skyrim.

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I'm Going To Study The Back of My Eyelids

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Let Your Teacher Know You Study

studying face teachers funny - 8358240512
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