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Stars shine brightly, just like you! These luminous balls of gas are just scintillating and marvelous in the night sky, and even in picture. So if you want all the wholesome and funny puns and memes that can come from these astronomically-oriented bodies, look no further.

How To stars science Telescope space - 73235969

Build A Powerful Telescope At Home

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That Little Dot Is the Oldest Star Ever Discovered

old Astronomy stars science funny - 8055912704
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Beware Aliens

Aliens planets stars science funny - 7995392768
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solar system stars funny Video - 65945345

The Most Hardcore of Stars

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Tycho's Nova: A Stellar Explosion

explosion Astronomy stars science space - 8213393408
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Helium Is Pretty Sweet.

universe helium stars science g rated School of FAIL - 7387457536
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The Ant Nebula

Astronomy ants nebula space stars - 8198455296
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Take a Trip to the Lagoon

nebula Astronomy stars science funny - 8386279680

NGC 474: Is Incredible

galaxy Astronomy stars science funny - 7683464960
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A black Hole Eats a Star

Astronomy black hole funny stars - 8340903424
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Astronomy 250: EASY

astronomy 250 class is in session easy faith god stars - 6437417728
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Venus Is Wicked Bright

Astronomy science space stars venus - 7984633600
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So That's Why They Shine

funny Fun Fact light stars - 8227501824
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One Big Grain of Sand

galaxies sand stars funny - 7945635584
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An Infrared Shot of the Galactic Core

infrared shot of the galactic core

Celestial Bodies Align on Saturday! But You Won't See it...

planets Astronomy stars science space - 8382979328
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