School of Fail


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This High School Basketball Player Nails a Full-Court Shot For the Win

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Every Halftime Show Needs a Play-by-Play Like This

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This Collegiate Athlete's First Points Have His Opponent Spinning, and Oh Yeah He Has One-Arm

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Root, Root, Root For The HOme Team

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What Sort of School Sport Is This?

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Watch as a Crossover Ends This Friendly Student-Faculty Basketball Game and One Teacher's Knee

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Knowledge Knews: Won't Someone Think of The Cougars?

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More Like Fort Worthless

ouch sports high school football School of FAIL - 8120652032
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Win or Lose This Enthusaistically-Dumb College Football Fan Will Be Shattered

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Tailgating Traditions in College

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Being a High School Referee Means Never Apologizing (Even After You Closeline a Kid)

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FOUND HIM, He's Still at College

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If Only My College Mascot Was That Cool...

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The NCAA Needs to Get it Together and Make This an Official Sport

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Watch as a High School Softball Team Brutually Loses a Championship Because They Celebrated Too Early

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The Labor That Went into This High School Basketball Distraction Should Be Applauded

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