Dad Fires His Son for Stealing from Work

Nothing adds to the entitlement just like the whole "boss's kid" mentality. At least the dad went and did something about it. The kid even tried to frame another employee. For some more work-related foibles, here are the fastest ways people's co-workers got fired. For another kid stepping way over his bounds, here's a manipulative son who tried to sell his mom's house and cancelled her job interview.

dad fires son for stealing from job | Posted by u/E11451913 1 day ago 14 10 3 15 13 AITA firing my son? Not hole Throwaway because don't want this seen on my main account get straight issue. My M43 17 year old son Adam has been trying become independent and preparing move college but struggling find job own private warehouse as side job earn living. My wife suggested hire my son work at warehous. Moving boxes, brining workers lunch, helping with cleaning kind stuff. She said is both our benefits
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