School of Fail


Just a Couple of Kids Waiting for the School Bus

getting a few minutes of sleep while waiting for the bus is genius
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I'll Just Lay Here While I Try To Wake Up

funny school image I'll Just Lay Here While I Try To Wake Up
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The Best Things in Life...

eating sleeping thinking - 6381379328
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That's Some Hard Hitting Science Right There

cats are good at sleeping says science
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science Video sleeping - 65622273

How Do You Fall Asleep?

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So Much For Sleeping.

sleeping SpongeBob SquarePants squidward - 6128664576
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The Most Sleep Starved Students

science infographic sleeping exams - 8080538624
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Everyone Hide!

hiding under your desk to avoid presentations
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School Drains the Life Out of You

life sleeping funny - 8385671424
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Sometimes You Just Can't Wake Up

it's hard to stay awake in class
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My Parents Knew Better

in class sleeping SpongeBob SquarePants - 6431595520
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The More You Know

class twitter prayer sleeping - 6948500480
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Pro Tip: Use Another Student as Your Desk!

desk classroom sleeping funny - 8380070912
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Close Enough science Video sleeping - 62891009

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

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sleeping - 6826902016
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science sleeping funny Video - 67256321

Why Do You Sometimes Twitch When You Fall Asleep

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