School of Fail


Algebra. Algebra Everywhere.

sign math funny algebra - 7562423040
By triplecrown

Swing and a Miss

grammar funny spelling sign typo - 8237106944
Via Gilezy

What Happened?!

library cookies sign What Happened?!
Via Zykium

But Who Wants to Work?

education funny sign g rated School of FAIL - 8330542336
By anselmbe

What a College

sign funny college - 8210253824
Via Whisky Row

Science Protests

sign Protest science - 7362357760
By Unknown

We'll Teach You Anything You Wanna Know!

school funny sign We'll Teach You Anything You Wanna Know!
Via SentrixHD

Best Music Academy Poster Ever

poster funny Music sign - 8344790784
Via That Troll Upstairs

Nice Job on the Sign, Math Nerds

sign puns math - 8313198848
Via FleetwoodDock

What's Octoper?

sign wtf funny - 8339987712
Via Shot Gun Mike1

Don't Like Passive-Aggressive Notes? Thank The Submitter

bathroom notes passive aggressive sign toilet - 5783240960
By Unknown

Don't Let Batman Catch You With Late Fees

sign library batman funny - 7485753344
By Unknown

No Fun Allowed

depressing sign - 8226970624
Via RUFriginKidnMe

College: Land of Logical Reasoning

driving FAIL school sign text - 8140723712
Via drheckle

He Was Ex-Spelled?

sign class drug stuff - 7063905280
By Unknown

How Else Would You Lift Those Heavy Books

sign books education funny - 7613086976
By Unknown
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