School of Fail


I Don't Think You Know What College Is

sign idiots tutor college - 6992699136
Created by Unknown

Don't Go to School Here

sign school wtf funny - 7672170752
Created by anon

The Kids Wanted a Sauna

sign hot elementary school kids funny - 8288089600
Via Brewtalizer

Cry All You Want, It Won't Help

resistance is futile school sign win - 5710312704
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No Achievement If You're Sterile...

sign school - 6996759040
Created by Boberttheunwise ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

These Signs Should Be in Every School

funny SpongeBob SquarePants sign g rated School of FAIL - 8344747520
Via Army Ranger 17

Science Gets a Bad Rap

atoms funny science sign - 8122919424
Via Unknown

Posting These Signs Should Be Mandatory

school bubble wrap sign Posting These Signs Should Be Mandatory
Via markuswolfson

Not Sure That's What John Dewey Was Talking About

sign education quote funny - 8425922304
Via NESzero

Nice Job on the Sign, Math Nerds

sign puns math - 8313198848
Via FleetwoodDock

Post This in the English Building

sign wtf english difficult math g rated School of FAIL - 7014331904
Created by Unknown

One Strict Community College

community college funny sign wtf - 8177441024
Created by PerryNoid

She Recently Replaced Helena Handbasket

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Schools Shouldn't Sneeze

sign school sneeze funny - 8342136064
Via matherly32

Can I Buy a Vowel?

sign high school funny - 7762011392
Created by Brownsville Cheez

Where Mortal Kombat Children Go to School

finish him funny sign wtf university - 8306798592
Via Clutts51
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