School of Fail

School of FAIL

Priorities: I Have Them

doghouse diaries finals comics priorities exams g rated School of FAIL - 6846903040
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Now That's Classless

funny political science g rated School of FAIL - 7494578432
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Meanwhile, at DeviantArt High School...

tumblr yearbook g rated School of FAIL - 8436612352
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Julie Is a Realist

kindergarten yearbook funny g rated School of FAIL - 8273752832
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Hooray for Pi Day!

T.Shirt pi math School of FAIL - 7138050048
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robin batman science School of FAIL - 6842394112
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Paleontology is Dangerous!

dangerous drugs g rated paleontology School of FAIL - 6390886912
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Post This in the English Building

sign wtf english difficult math g rated School of FAIL - 7014331904
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The Joys of Music Class

Music class School of FAIL - 7027326976
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Alright Test, You've Got My Attention

g rated gaming School of FAIL test humor - 6310755840
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Engineering 350: Why Else Would You Take On that Major?

class is in session g rated majors School of FAIL - 6344880384
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Hello From Space

space walk astronaut funny space g rated School of FAIL - 8035014656
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Credible Hulk Doesn't Like Wikipedia

angry g rated hulk School of FAIL - 6300303872
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Possibly the Greatest Senior Quote

I regret it and I didn't go to school with her
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Geology 529: I Get This Now

Fun way to learn about geology using pictures of a broken Oreo's cookie.
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