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Good Rules to Live By

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How Humanity Deals With Technology

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This Fifth-Grader's Rules For Her Crush Might Be the Perfect Thing For Anyone Dealing With an Elementary-Level Crush

funny dating tweet fifth grader's rules for her crush are 100 accurate for all of us with unwanted crushes
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Science Love it or Leave It

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Just Assume Everything Will Go Wrong And You'll Be Fine

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School Mascots, How Do They Work?

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Students who broke rules in impressive ways teacher stories | mgraunk 3.1k points 3 hours ago My coworker and discovered one our students running an underground crime syndicate selling individual Icebreaker mints 50 cents pop agreed not punish him or inform administration, but did confront him privately and told him he needed stop before got him trouble. He had about half dozen employees and selling at every grade level by time put an end Kid C student at best, but he's definitely going places.

Teachers' "That's Amazing But Please Stop" Stories

"Great job, but don't."
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Looking at You, Tony Stark

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Rules of Biology

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Now That's A Wall of Text

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rules and things that make no sense | EDGAR More 2 Cartoon suns being drawn wearing sunglasses. Like exactly are they protecting their eyes ?

Things that Don't Make any Dang Sense

The world is a confusing place.
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Who Tried That?

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Get Your Hands on the Cosmos

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