Professor Turns Into Total Nightmare, Dean Saves The Day

We're talking Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter levels of toxic from this teacher, folks. Yes, by the sound of it this teacher was a disaster from the start. Fortunately, one particular student ran the issue back to the dean of the school, who intervened after assuring the student that they wouldn't have to worry about passing the class. With that kind of free (and totally warranted) pass, the pressure completely dissipated. They actually managed to have some fun with the whole situation. The lesson that the teacher hopefully learned would be to teach the actual material that the students are paying thousands of dollars to learn. 

A professor turns into a complete nightmare so the dean intervenes, and saves the day | r/ProRevenge u/handcraftedcandy 10h Join Last minute professor turns into nightmare make sure she never has job there again. About 10 years ago attending local community College my Associates Fine Arts retrospect dumb do so after economy had tanked 2008 recession but digress my second year during first semester one class had take advance and be on track graduate on time Drawing II this class suppose learn
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