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Give the Teacher a Taste of His Own Medicine

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Even Teachers Are Getting in on the Debate

that damn black and blue dress, I mean white and gold.
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That's How You Know You Did Well on a Quiz

20 out of 20 on a quiz unicorn is fabulous
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I'm Done With This Quiz!

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Online Classes Are Horrible

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So That Wasn't the Right Answer?

sometimes you just don't know the answer
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SciShow Quiz Time!

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Paris Hilton Loves Pop Quizzes

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Some Teachers Apparently Love Chuck Norris

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How Did They Get a +1 for That?

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Pretty Much the Best Response

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The Answer Is Obvious!

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Quiz Shaming

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It's C, Right?

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Sometimes You Just Have to Show How Prepared You Are

that's a great drawing of a goat.
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