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The president. The head honcho, the big boss. The man in the high castle. Wherever or whoever it is, the president of anything is a striking figure. So lets joke a bit about them and bring them back down to Earth.

Just a Little Reminder

presidents, all of them were douchebags
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bill nye president science space - 56878081

Bill Nye Beseeches the President

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Gaius Baltar Objects

president - 6632416256
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Mr. B Has Some Great Reviews

reviews president teacher barack obama funny g rated - 8299885056
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You're Going To Lose This Race

school grammar image You're Going To Lose This Race
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bill nye president space program - 43292673

Bill Nye Needs YOU

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good to know musical president song - 32962817

Good To Know: The U.S. Presidents - The Musical!

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Vote for the Meme!

election Neil deGrasse Tyson president - 6572113920
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Pubic Affairs Are The Best Affairs

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Things You Won't Learn in History Class

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The President Gets the Coolest Friends

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Ben Franklin Gets a Posthumous Promotion

Benjamin Franklin president wrong college - 7063612160
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