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Why People Fall for April Fools

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funny madlads jokes and weird pranks | AA Home My kid being brat so de marshmallowed his lucky charms bag of plain cereal

Mad Lads Who Played By Their Own Rules

These lads are mad!
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Cops Are So Wacky

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By Unknown

Traffic Cones: The Best Enforcers

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The Most Confusing Hangovers

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Student Tricks an Entire Room Into Thinking He's the Professor on the First Day of Class

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Your Mascot is Better Off This Way

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That Senior Prank Looks Familiar

school emoji prank That Senior Prank Looks Familiar
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A Lesson in Physics

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The Infinte Loop of Students

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Prank of the Day: Senior at Santa Barbara High School Hire Mariachi Band to Follow Around Their Principal

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Scientists Love Pranks

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Used it All Through College

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By Unknown

When Band Nerds Attack

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The Marching Band Has Some Organized Pranks

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In the Classroom You Always Have to Be on Your Toes

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