School of Fail


Physics is everywhere. From the movement of every object to the only F on your high school report card. So shake off that abject failure and find the humor in such a complex and unseen force that affects our lives so significantly. 

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The Dark Matter Rap You Know You Always Wanted

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The Fundamental Forces Are Confusing

Still gravity is probably the most confusing.


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Your Friendly School Stall

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I Wish This Worked

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Darn Physics!

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Even Teachers Are Getting in on the Debate

that damn black and blue dress, I mean white and gold.
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I Lost You at "What"

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You Devious Matter!

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Please Stop Saying "God Particle"

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Superconductivity Is Incredible

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We Are Mostly Space

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Yay Physics!

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How Does Spacetime Curve?

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Now That's Science!

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You're Not Charles Darwin Either Apparently

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