School of Fail


Physics is everywhere. From the movement of every object to the only F on your high school report card. So shake off that abject failure and find the humor in such a complex and unseen force that affects our lives so significantly. 

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Physics Phenomenon You Can Try at Home

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The Feynman Diagrams Are "Outdated?"

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Progressing Science!

cyanide and happiness physics funny science - 8247016704
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Not a Show Known for Realism

physics TV funny The Walking Dead g rated - 8383150336
Via Jacob the Slider

Telling the Disciplines Apart

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The Physics of a Drive By

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The Force of Physics is Strong With This One

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Always Wear Safety Equipment

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The Physique behind the Musique

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This Collider Is Kept Cold

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Is It Even In There?

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Your Kid Is Magic

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What Color Is a Mirror?

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This Video Did Your Egg Drop Project Homework for You

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That Dog Is a Genius

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Cats Love Physics

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