School of Fail


Parents Love Back to School

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Of What Does that One Parent Dream?

9 out of 10 parents are good parents
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A Nice Combination

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Down With the Science Fair

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Has Science Gone too Far?

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Weirdest School Ad Ever

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Aren't Parent / Teacher Meeting the Best?

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As Soon as Your Mom Drops You Off at School

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A Parents Failure Becomes a Child's Homework

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Teacher's Expensive Pet

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Stories of times parents obviously did their kid's school projects | Departure_Jaded 689 points 11 hours ago His dad accidentally wrote his own name on paper tortured kid week by calling him by his dad's name. Ah good times.

Times Students' Parents Obviously Did Their Work

Sometimes they failed, too
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I Blame the Baby Boomers

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His Parents Must Have Hated Him

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The Child Can Do No Wrong

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Kids Deserve to Have a Measles Free Childhood

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First Day of Freedom

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